Welcome to the Diploma page at Beyondbuckthorns. Dominik and Lumia are both within the process of the "Diploma in Applied Permaculture design" since early 2019. Dominiks tutor is Cathrine Dolleris. Lumias is yet to be decided. On this site you can read through Dominik's designs and follow the process. All designs come online while being worked on. This gives you the abbility to comment on what we are currently working on. You can be part of the Diploma process as well. Join us! Comment! The content below is in chronological order. The latest content is on top. Feel free to browse wild. Please be advised that not all designs that will be shown here will end up in the final Diploma presentation.

continuous integration as part of how a permaculture diploma is disseminated

You know BeyondBuckthorns.com, don't you? You are currently on it, so I guess you somehow do. But do you know what it is about? If not, now is your time to go there and check it out.

The wand chooses the wizzard - How to find a Diploma tutor

Before my PDC at Elontila it was already clear that I would start the process of getting a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design (DAPD).

Diploma Designs

Continuous integration

Huge radishes
Thinned out carrots
Cucumbers to be pickled
Huge red gooseberries
Box of Finnish strawberries
Chase and Snow
Corn bound on wood stems to withstand the wind
2 nearly ripe tomatoes in a small tomato green house