Solar air heater attached to the house

Heating with the sun - a solar air heater

Solar air heaters are passive solar element that can heat rooms during cold days while the sun is shining. Building one is a piece of cake


People together

People Care, a Manifesto, Part One

Is permaculture just a fancy name for ”cooler” organic gardening?


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Are you looking to learn about sustainable and eco-friendly gardening and farming techniques? Come and join our permaculture design certificate course in beautiful rural Finland! Our course covers a wide range of topics, from natural building and composting, to water management and forest gardening. You'll learn from experienced instructors and have the opportunity to put your newfound skills into practice at our permaculture demonstration site.

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This course is in Finnish only! Please read the details in the Finnish course description!

About us and our permaculture homestead

When we got the offer from Lumias mother to move to Lumias childhood home, a three-hectare premises in the countryside of Finland we jumped for joy. For us living in the countryside in a house with a big garden was a big dream - after years and years of city dwelling we had grown to realize we want to live in nature, with nature, creating and living our permaculture dream - and this was our chance!