Biogas lecture and Workshop at Aalto Design Factory

In early 2024 Aalto student Timon Schapals contacted me regarding my availability for a biogas lecture and workshop. When it comes to biogas I always have time - it is just a question of funding. 

Beyond Buckthorns got featured in the Viherpiha magazine

We were featured in a really nice six-page article in the 2/24 issue of Viherpiha magazine.

Book review: People & Permaculture by Looby Macnamara

If you think permaculture is all about gardening, read this book!

PermaPuheet Volume 4 is here

PermaPuheet is back! The fourth season of the popular lecture & talks series PermaPuheet (or PermaTalks for all non-Finns) is starting on January 18th.

Nordic Permaculture Festival Design - Part Three, Action Phase

Design for the 2022 NPF in Vesilahti, Finland. Part Three, the Action Phase. We have the team, the processes and the technical side set-up, so it is time to get rocking. I describe some problems we encountered in the team and how they were solved…

Nordic Permaculture Festival Design - Part Two, The Festival Project

Design for the 2022 NPF in Vesilahti, Finland. Part Two, setting up the team for the task, including team building and management with the goal of ethical and principle-based co-creation of the 11th annual Nordic Permaculture Festival.