Measuring the electric energy consumption in comparison to production

In September 2023 Elenia installed a new electric meter in our house. This new electric meter is from the company Aidon and it comes with a HAN port (Home Area Network). When the meter gets installed the HAN port is inactive. It requires a Mail…

Introducing the EuPN certified PermaHub – a modern data driven approach to accreditation

This design is to show a data driven approach to assessing and accrediting permaculture places. It was driven by the frustration I got working with the LAND (Learning, Action, Network and Demonstration) system in Finland.

Reflecting on Tools for cultural change course

As I reflect on the week I spent in Denmark on the Erasmus+ course called Tools for cultural change, I feel grateful. This intensive program dived into the complexities of cultural transformation, offering both profound insights and amazing…

Exploring Permaculture Design: Insights from the 2023 DesignCamp

On August 5th, we hosted our 3rd DesignCamp, a crash course in Permaculture Design. Unlike the standard curriculum required for the Permaculture Introductory Course, our DesignCamp focuses exclusively on the design process itself.

Traditional painting with friends and family

Gathering our friends and family, in May 2023 we embarked on a weekend of painting adventure, following the traditional Finnish "talkoot" approach.

Easy garlic scape pesto

Today I want to share one of my favorite recipes of the season: Garlic scape pesto.