They can be small, such as a neighborhood or a group of friends, or large, such as a city or a country.

The main idea behind a community is that people come together to support each other and work towards a common goal or to make the world a better place. Communities can provide a sense of belonging, safety, and security, and can help people feel connected and supported, even in times of hardship or uncertainty.

Articles tagged with community

Traditional painting with friends and family

Gathering our friends and family, in May 2023 we embarked on a weekend of painting adventure, following the traditional Finnish "talkoot" approach.

Communications at the Finnish Permaculture Association

The idea for this design started in 2017 during a meeting of the Finnish Permaculture Association. When I became chairman of the board in 2019 I was in a unique position. The association was in transition towards sociocratic circular method. The… more

Inspiration and Learning at the Permaculture Association Fall Event

As you may know, both of us are Finnish Permaculture Association actives since its creation in 2016.

Bulgaria and back - Training Permaculture Teachers course

Some weeks before the 24th Lumia told me about a Teachers Training in Bulgaria. I had noticed that there was an e-mail about it but I didn’t really look into it because I had to write some documents for a client.

The Finnish Permaculture Associations winter meeting in Koroinen

On the weekend of the 3rd and 4th November 2018 the Finnish Permaculture Association came together for their annual autumn / winter meeting.

An afternoon with the Finnish Permaculture community

On the 21st of April the Finnish Permaculture Association (FPA) hosted "Permakulttuuri Nyt!" at Annala in Helsinki. About 50 - 60 permaculture enthusiast were present during the event. A lot of interesting and inspiring talks were given in… more