People care vs. bully culture

This is part two of an article series, read Part 1 here.

Something I have been thinking a lot ove the last year is a statement someone said in a perma event somewhere: the goal of permaculture is to ”take over”, aka to supercede the current culture of wastefulness, anti-earth care, industrialism and division.

My view on that now is it will not succeed as long as we bring our old people culture, the anti-people care into the new system we are trying to build.

Let’s be honest: we do permaculture for us, humans. Nature does not need permaculture unless we humans want something from nature or are trying to make nature regenerate faster by fixing mistakes people before us have made. Permaculture is always inherently for humans, by humans.

Therefore we must think of ourselves and our own values, beliefs, principles as well as the propaganda and cultural dogma we have been exposed to all our lives. To succeed in true Earth care, we must change People care to what it really needs to be first, and make it Fair shared.

Here are some of my thoughts about our current cold, consumer culture, the bully culture (because in essence, it values the persons who exploit and hurt others instead of people who help others).

Capitalist/consumer culture, bully culture, mainstream culturePermaculture, humane culture, culture of fairness
Valuing money and what money can buyValuing imagination, information and creativity
Valuing mass production, industrial standard and homogenienityValuing crafts and true individuality (not the bought kind)
Valuing rich, powerful, well connected individualsValuing people with bright minds and/or kind hearts
Valuing people who talk nice and look goodValuing people that do things
Valuing celebritiesValuing people who work for the community
Following the leaderDesigning your own life
”One who has, shall receive, and one who has little, shall lose what little he has” aka the rich get richer and the poor get poorerGiving fair share of wealth and possibilities a chance
Only valuing people based on their past, not giving opportunitiesOpening up for new possibilities, giving opportunities
In case of bullying, the bullied one needs to change schools/jobs/organisationsThe bully faces consequences, not the victim
Practicing injustice/bullying or looking by others practicing itTaking a stand against it!
Seeing the bullied one as ”abnormal”, victim blamingChallenging our own thinking about who is strong and taking a stand against bully culture!
Valuing people that use others for their own gain as ”powerful leaders”

Valuing leaders that enable others to shine and lead by example, not by telling you what to do




Letting the leaders, elite, influencers etc think for youThinking for yourself
Letting the leaders, elite, influencers etc decide for youDeciding for yourself
Closed circles, old cliques, elitist groups, intransparency, decision making in secretOpen circles, welcoming new people and ideas, valuing people, transparency, open communications
Scarcity mentalityAbundance mentality
Seeing some (white, own nationality, rich, powerful, popular...) people as better people than some others (poor, not well connected, wrong nationality, young, bipoc, LGBTQA+ ...)

Seeing people as inherently equal


Buying solutions to your problemsUsing creativity and design to solve your problems
Not caring about the Earth, other people or fairness, greed and fear guide your actionsEarth care, people care and fair share are engrained in your heart and guide your actions

A statement that I formulated and have really understood this past year: In a conflict between an opressor and an oppressed, a bystander staying neutral, ”not taking part” or ”not wanting conflict” is always on the side of the oppressor. 

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