When a friend of ours who lives a few kilometres from us said that he would be harvesting their corn the next day, we thought that we should look after ours as well. On the next day the weather wasn't that nice, so we decided to wait a little longer. With frost already upon the corn, the swedes and the kale were the last remaining plants. On a shiny October day I went down into the garden and checked for the corn cobs. Many of our plants had big cobs on them. With rougly about 15 to 20 plants in 3 rows I had to pick something about 40 to 50 cobs. I really didn't count them. 

During the harvest I found a very small, a tiny calabash which was interplanted with the corn for experimentation. But the Finnish climate doesn't suit the calabash. It is simply too cold for the tropical plant. Wonder it made any fruit at all!

After the harvest I pulled the corn plants out of the soil and laid them onto the space it was standing in before, to serve as our mulch cover for the winter. They will just rot there over the winter and give back a part of the nutrition that it took from the soil in order to grow, building top soil without us having to do anything. Brilliant!

Picking the first tomato

I haven't tasted any better tomato than that I picked. It was totally tender and delicate. And I hope that the following tomatoes will be the same. 

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