Between the years there is usually a lot of time for thoughts, friends, movies, books, projects and all kinds of things. At Beyondbuckthorns we have started to plan the next year, the next gardening season. 

When a friend posted on Facebook a link to a website that sells Lunar Calendar posters I immediately thought of an OpenSource version of it, or actually something that can be printed. I first started an image search at Google but couldn’t get further than pins on Pinterest or stock photo merchants. I changed the search term from “moon calendar” (no idea why I searched for that) to “lunar calender”, which brought me to Github. (Github is a software hosting platform)

Codebox has developed a small Python script that creates a html Lunar Calendar for a given year. I had to install some additional software and changed the design to be better printable. Basically switched the colouring.

Find below a PDF of a printable Lunar Calendar for 2021. 

Attachment Size
printable Lunar Calendar 2021.pdf 280.56 KB

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