This article is a recipe for me (actually more a documentation) and for Maria who I have given a "mother" during the meeting of the Finnish Permaculture Association in Koroinen, because she asked me for one during our PDC at Elontila.

The recipe I've been using for over half a year goes as follows:

  1. Put a jar of 1 - 2 liter (with a wide neck - for example those form gherkins) on top of a scale
  2. Put about 80 to 120 g of sugar in the jar (depends on how sweet you want it)
  3. Place a stainless steel infuser (I use the one from a Bodum cup - Amazon) on top so that it sits on the neck
  4. Put 6 - 9g of green tee inside the the infuser (I mix it with black tea)
  5. Pour about 80°C hot water over the infuser into the jar
  6. Let it rest for 20 minutes
  7. Let it get cold
  8. Pour the liquid of the Kombucha that has finished fermenting into another jar (not necessary if you start from scratch)
  9. With washed hands and no residuals on the hands take the scoby (the actual mixture of MOs) out of the old jar and put it into the jar filled with now cool tea
  10. Place a double layer of paper towel on top and fasten it using a rubber band

After one two two weeks your Kombucha should be ready. The longer you wait the more it goes into acid forming the more vinegary it gets. 

If you are in Finland and interested in a "mother" let me know.