Sea buckthorn is also used in cosmetics, as its oil is believed to have moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, sea buckthorn is prized for its ornamental value and is often used in landscaping and gardening. The shrub is easy to grow and is tolerant of cold and wind, making it a popular choice for coastal areas. Whether you are interested in its health benefits, its ornamental value, or its ability to thrive in challenging environments, sea buckthorn is a versatile and fascinating plant.

At Beyond Buckthorns we have several Sea buckthorn shrubs in different Zones

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When Lumia and I moved to Finland in 2016 we started observing right away. We discovered micro climates, areas where edible fungi grew, natural trees nurseries, etc. We also noticed one particular area. An area that somehow seemed out of context… more

Sea Buckthorn Harvest

It's now time to pick the sea buckthorns, our name-giving plants delicious and vitamin-filled berries.

Creating a Mandala Garden

In June we got some new sea buckthorn plants and around one of them we decided to create a small mandala garden.