Lumia planted a lot of different curcubitas and most of them grew fruits. On the field were Spaghetti, Hokkaido, Futsu, Blue Banana and one type which I don't know its name. So we got a huge variety of different squashes. 

Now that we are near to frost we have to get the squashes and pumpkins in. Squashes are not frost tollerant like for example kale is, so, time is at the essence.

We harvested about 32 Spaghetti squashes, 7 Blue Bananas, 1 Futsu, 4 Hokkaidos and 4 of those I don't know the name of (plus the one of those previously harvested for pickled pumpkins). On the photo at the top you also see 4 huge Zucchinis. I will write more about them at one of my next posts.

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