Insulating a rintamamiestalo with hemp

When I first spoke with friends about insulating the house with hemp in 2018 I got all those jokes about hemp that you can get when you are telling about it. But hemp is, alongside with cellulose and straw bale a real good insulating material. But first things first.

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Garden news October 2019

Winter has officially arrived. Well not officially, but for me first snow means that autumn is coming to an end, even though it always melts away for another month or even two. Here are some impressions from the garden on the 28th and 29th of October 2019.

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Black currant jam
Aronia Mitschurinii harvest
Sea Buckthorn Harvest
The yellow rubber duck is watching you
Mashed Finnish lingonberries
Our house in the fall sun
Detail photograph of a red currant by Dominik Jais
Unfreezing the water line