Presentation at the FPA event

As you may know, both of us are Finnish Permaculture Association actives since its creation in 2016.

Training Permaculture Teachers course in Gorno Draglishte Bulgaria

Bulgaria and back - Training Permaculture Teachers course

Some weeks before the 24th Lumia told me about a Teachers Training in Bulgaria. I had noticed that there was an e-mail about it but I didn’t really look into it because I had to write some documents for a client.

From the Glog

Garden news October 2019

Winter has officially arrived. Well not officially, but for me first snow means that autumn is coming to an end, even though it always melts away for another month or even two. Here are some impressions from the garden on the 28th and 29th of October 2019.

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Blackberry plant
Part of our organic corn harvest
Herbs in pots and grass mulch
Solar panel being moved onto the roof
Our house in the fall sun
Nuts at Beyondbuckthorns
Thinned out carrots
Red tomatoes hanging on a bush