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Even on a bad year, we do get quite a lot of produce - especially berries and fruit seemed to like the cold summer this year.

From the Glog

The garden in images on May Day 2019

The first bunch of daffodils is open

Yes, another glog post from Beyond Buckthorns! The spring has been wonderful, April was very warm even though pretty dry, and nature has been liking it. Here are a few snapshots of the garden on the 1st of May 2019. Let's just all ignore the fact that I am writing this on the 3rd and that there is currently snow on the ground again.

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Corn bound on wood stems to withstand the wind
Unfreezing the water line
Pickled green tomatoes it is
Green peas growing
Mega Zucchini ready for seed collection
Corn leaves
Blooming Zucchini Plant
Organic apple juice made in Finland