When we got the offer from Lumias mother to take over her two-hectare premises in the countryside of Finland we jumped for joy. For us living in the countryside in a house with a big garden was a big dream - after years and years of city dwelling we had grown to realize we want to live in nature, with nature, and this was our chance.

After one and a half years of learning, planning and jumping for joy we packed our bags in Germany and moved into our new home in May 2016. Join us on our journey in making the premises our dream come true - a Nordic permaculture paradise!

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Living in nature with nature from nature


Hi, I'm Lumia! That's snow in Finnish if you were wondering. I'm a Finn as you may have guessed, and after over ten years abroad in Europe I have finally returned to my home country (to my home town!) to the nature I I have sorely missed.

I have a degree in Marketing and SME Management, but most of my work career I worked in IT project management and controlling. My plan now is to garden, to work on building a practical homestead and to help create a natural haven for people, plants and animals on our premises. Pretty soon I'll be getting back to marketing work too, but first I want to try out everything I learned from books in my garden! I love to read, play theater, blog, ride my bike and to watch the bees in the plants.


My name is Dominik, which for Finland is quite an uncommon name you might think. So, I’m originally from Germany and because my godmother’s friends were from Le Havre I got the Germanized version of the French name Dominique.

What will you do with such a name? Being a brew master (Diploma from the Technical University Berlin) never fitted me very well, besides I can’t lift heavy stuff anymore. I've been into art and design since I was 10 years old. I got my first camera with 7. What else would I become other than an artist and (web)-designer and photographer

Since 2012 I've been involved in the development of DIY small scale biogas. Till mid 2019 I was also part of the Blueprint Network, an alliance of organizations and individuals collaborating on integrated design solutions for regenerative human settlements. 

I grab whatever I can on the net about Permaculture and love to finally be able to work on my own permaculture project. At the moment I'm working on my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design which I started in February 2019. Since 2020 I'm the president of the Finnish Permaculture Association.

I'm within the communications working group of the European Permaculture Network. 

In April 2019 I finished my Sociocracy training with Sociocracy for All's Sociocracy Leadership training. 

In November 2019 I went for a Teaching Permaculture Teachers (TPT) course to Bulgaria

Since October 2021 I'm a Diploma holder - I finished my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the UK Permaculture Association.